“Eternity, please find me

It’s colder than before

The world took all it came for

And left me at your door

The only life I’ve known

Slips beneath the waves

Forced to face my fears

I close my eyes to disappear

Forever, whisper to me

“The end is drawing near

So dry your eyes

No need to cry

Your dreams won’t leave you here

At the gates we’ll find you

Together we’ll walk through

Take my hand and we will find

A time that knows no years”

Where silent songs are whispered

As they fall on deafened ears

Eternity move through me

And we’ll dance away our fears

To a symphony of broken dreams,

By a sea of make believe,

Like a work of art,

Take your abstract heart,

And pray the pieces all align,

Elysium, eternum,

Take you softly into me,

Into me, infinity

forever, eternity.



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