The Grapevine

I am not a sommelier, winery owner, wine marketer or wine expert. Simply put, I am merely an ignorant consumer who just so happens to love the stuff, and who, at the very least, knows what he likes and looks for in a wine. As an amateur, it is my goal to try as many of the various 1300 different types of wine, to have a blast doing so, and to share my adventures in the wonderful world of wine here.Grapevine

Given the number of different wine grapes found today, the first big question on my mind is how on earth I am supposed to find which wines I’ll actually enjoy? Well, it just so happens that while browsing through articles on the subject, I had the good fortune to come across this handy wine chart which helps beginners (like myself) find wines that are similar to those we’ve already tried and loved. Equipped with over 200 different types of wine, organized by style and flavor, the chart was designed to make seeing the taste relationships significantly easier, in addition to helping new wine lovers find wines similar to those they’re familiar with.

Wine Types (200)

An excellent exploratory tool for new wine lovers, this chart features 200 different types of wines broken down by style and flavor. Which do you prefer?

All Things Wine


Let Them Eat Cake Ice Cream & Wine


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